Jewrhythmics // Jewrythmics
Catalougue-No.: AY CD 27
Release date: 27.01.2012

Yiddish – a mediaeval form of Middle High German embellished with Hebrew words. Although Yiddish was widely spoken among the Jews of Europe and Russia, until the Shoah it was looked down on by upper class Jews as the language of the underdog. In America, on the other hand, Yiddish enjoyed something of a renaissance. It was the only language that most of the impoverished Jewish immigrants could speak. But again it became an ultimately extinct language, which was replaced by English.

Jewrhythmics declare in their Debut Album’s Manifest: „Yiddish is dead? Long live Yiddish!”. The language that is supposed to be dead has been experiencing an amazing renaissance since the end of the 20th in particular outside of Israel. At the same time, also disco music – that easy and danceable genre, which has been predicted the end many times – experiences a revival again. Disco is the one genre that becomes resurrected in new metamorphoses over and over again and proves its extreme resilience in a music industry that spits out new genres and geniuses almost every second day.

Jewrhythmics’ music is an exciting mixture of those both declared to be a dying breed genres. They revive language und music and breathe new life into both. There are only rare moments in the actual music scene to hear something that has not been heard before. And there are only a few projects, which are brave enough to leave the common used path and to break new (music-) grounds. The project Jewrhythmics has the courage to take this step into unfamiliar terrain, combining what was previously unconnected: Yiddish’s classics embedded in synth sounds of the ‘80s disco era.

Jewrhythmics is working on the disco-axis Moscow/Tel Aviv: The one city - that radio stations are playing the 70/80’s sounds all around the clock – meets the other, which is located in the centre of the Middle Eastern techno club culture. The Disco-Sound is not reproduced in a digital way, but in the sense of a throwback to the early disco era with a variety of analogue synthesizers and traditional instrument (guitars, accordion, clarinet and more).Over those spherical sounds hovers the original and genuine Yiddish song as the wave-like echo of a bygone era.

On their debut album the Israeli disco formation takes not only Dick Dale’s classic “Misirlou” home, but also creates a total of nine timeless pieces full of synthetic sounds and catchy melodies, which form a curios mix without pathos – new and unheard sounds for Jewish family parties but also for the hottest clubs in the western hemisphere.

Jewrhythmics Manifesto

Art should be born out of a ferocious attack to tame mysterious forces, so as to wrestle them to the ground and lay bare in front of Man. Feelings and thoughts we have are not our own as we are merely extensions of those long gone that still live within us. From the depths of the TelaMoscow resistance, recreated with fanatical attention to detail, using analogue machines of yesteryear, come songs in the language of carriers, most of whom were annihilated by carriers of another tongues, now on carriers of the 21st century. A first ever successful attempt to combine Yiddish and Italo Disco. Second attempt to create an idol. Dead music in the dead language which sounds equally apt at an underground club just as it would at a bar mitzvah! Kosher nourishment for the not necessarily Kosher minds. Yiddish is dead! Long live Yiddish!


01. Misirlou
02. Chiribim
03. Papirossen
04. Goldene Chassene
05. Hava Nagila
06. Kinder Yoren
07. 5th Avenue Square Dance
08. Vu is dos Gessale
09. Ich hob dech lib
10. Misirlou Video



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